i like food court

Processed with VSCO with j1 preset

nobody comes to make impressions
nobody comes to see
nobody comes to be seen
people minding their own business (even if it includes eavesdropping people sitting next to them gossiping)

“come on, new shoes, beautiful hair, bullshit!
saccharine ballads and selfies, and selfies, and selfies
and here’s me outside the palace of me!”*

and here’s me lost in the palace of me
sitting facing the illusion of grandeur

i became pathetic

listening to your banal hyper intellectualism
theories, and theories, and your unidimensional theories
they are so thought-provoking
unbelievably groundbreaking
please please do tell me more about it

online emphaties are lies
oh yes thank you for your pukpuk massal
are we even that close?

but thank you and i love you

channel the spirits, because the comet is coming*
but first


dreams are cheap in food court
dreams are made for everyone

but subhumans

i like food court
“do you mind throwing my pride too to the trash bin? makasih mas”


senayan city, november 10, 2017


*excerpt from kate tempest’s ‘europe is lost’*
*’channel the spirits’ is the first album by the comet is coming*

ps: listening to tempest when you’re lost in your own head will really make you feel melancholic. by you i meant me

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