Chris Botti featuring Sting – Java Jazz Festival 2016

I guess I never really fell out of love with Sting.

I know I’ve said that I’m not so into his music anymore, but last night’s performance probably turned out to be some sort of a realisation for me that some things, or love, never changes. I do still love his earlier songs, the ones that made Sting ‘the Sting’.

12 years after (got a chance to watch his performance in Kuala Lumpur back in 2004), his voice still sounded the same, so did the energy. He didn’t say much, but I guess when you have such a strong presence, you don’t really need too much things going.

It was supposed to be a Chris Botti featuring Sting’s show, but what happened was it turned into a Sting featuring everyone else’s show LOL. Chris Botti, Eric Benet and a mention of David Foster who was sitting at the front row and was going back and forth crossing the audience doing I didn’t know what.

If 12 years ago I stood far high on the right wing of the stadium and was only able to see a very tiny Sting, last night I was dancing and singing along in front of the stage and was even able to capture Sting’s close up profiles.
PS: will upload the ‘Seven Days’ video soon



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