Super Show 6 : Super Junior World Tour In Jakarta – 3 Mei 2015

Setelah tergalau-galau selama beberapa minggu akhirnya 2,5 jam sebelum show saya memutuskan untuk sikat sis! I got there on time. No, I was standing in front of the ticket booth exactly 20 minutes before the show. But just when I was about to make the purchase, the worst case scenario that I could think of happened, the system suddenly went down, huaaa 😦 So, I missed the first 45 minutes of the show. Thankfully, the show was 3,5 hours long, but unfortunately they performed all of my favourite songs in that first 45 minutes, Bonamana, Sorry Sorry, Midnight Blues, Mr. Simple *sigh*

Which then raises a question, do K-Pop concerts always start with performing their biggest hits and then end it with a long anti-climax chat?

The other thing that I regret is that they didn’t allow the audience to bring camera, which is probably a good thing for some, but not so great for me since I like taking concert photos. Yaudah, akhirnya ngandelin hape jebot kesayangan aja yang di sini diedit semi gila-gilaan supaya layak tayang.

Well, anyway, it’s still a great show. No. It’s a Super Show!


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